Fundacja Edukacja i Media (Education and Media Foundation) is a small non-profit organization which aim is developing of the open educational society, information, consultation and guidance activities in the framework of the lifelong learning. Foundation core staff have many years of practice in the area of formal, non-formal and informal education as well as a high level of expertise in the creation of training materials, modular curricula and designing and implementing certification and quality systems for educational sector. Our associates and cooperating persons are mainly from the free economy – with a strong focus on IT areas, so we cover also topics related to digitalisation, including chances and risks of the digital world and privacy and data protection in the digital world.

The Foundation fulfills its goals through:

  • actions for the development of education and development of various forms of non-professional social activities,
  • organizing and conducting training, educational advisory and cultural activities for the benefit of youth and adults, including for disabled people and people of retirement age,
  • promoting the use of modern technologies in education by developing and providing online courses, creating and running open education platforms, and creating and promoting open educational resources,
  • editing and publishing (including providing online) publications, training and information materials as well as multimedia materials regarding the implementation of statutory objectives of the Foundation,
  • gathering educators, teachers and activists around the idea of ​​the Foundation, whose goal is to promote various forms of educational, cultural, health, ecological and entrepreneurial activities,
  • organizing conferences and seminars in the circles of the educational environment as well as undertaking discussions and research,
  • adult education, including in the area of ​​developing key competences,
  • promoting and disseminating the idea of ​​lifelong learning, and in particular including groups of people threatened with social exclusion in this process,
  • actions for the integration and reintegration of people who are at risk of social exclusion,
  • organizing and supporting volunteering, local initiatives, workshops and other forms of activity contributing to the personal development of young people and adults as well as their professional and social activation,
  • promoting and promoting equal rights for women and men,
  • promoting an active lifestyle, especially among people of retirement age,
  • raising funds through the preparation of applications and implementation of educational projects co-financed by EU institutions and other aid funds,
  • activities for European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between societies through the initiation and implementation of international projects in the area of ​​the Foundation’s objectives,
  • activities for dissemination of Polish culture and language, promotion of cultural goods and national heritage, and promotion of the Republic of Poland abroad, especially during the implementation of international projects,
  • planning and implementation of information campaigns supporting the implementation of the Foundation’s objectives,
  •  cooperation with others  non-governmental organizations within the scope of the Foundation’s goals – in Poland and abroad.